How do you bring a Feng Shui room for children?

You arrange your room to make it a space adapted to your needs according to the time of day. A reassuring nest for the night and energizing during the day. Interview with Céline Speranza, feng shui consultant and trainer.What is the point of making a room in the spirit of Montessori and feng shui rather … Read more

If you love your children, you have to say no to their requests

Asserting oneself in respect means daring to say no to certain requests of children. Expressing a disagreement with the enforcement of rules contributes to adult fulfillment. This ability is essential for caring parenting, but it requires limits. Setting healthy boundaries for young children is one way to educate them about socialization. Eileen Kennedy-Moore, author and … Read more

Liniment baby: really safe?

Flagship product of changing bags, oleo-limestone liniment is a natural emulsion that has become almost essential in the change of babies. Increasingly acclaimed by parents, its composition can vary according to the products available in the trade. What are its uses? Are there any ingredients to avoid? Let’s take stock. Initially, liniment is a natural … Read more

Rich child syndrome: have you ever heard of this problem of raising children?

If the rich child syndrome echoes an affluent financial situation, it is not. Heritage does not always have a link with this mode of education, which can have deleterious consequences in the long term. Discover the impacts of these principles that parents transmit without realizing it. Relayed to the newspaper Ouest-France, this education transmitted on … Read more

Spanking worsens children’s behavior, study finds

The idea of spanking children as a form of punishment has been debated for many years. Although there are still many people in the “I was spanked when I was a child and I’m fine” camp, research shows that corporal punishment does not have ideal results for children. Not only has spanking been shown to … Read more

Spanking worsens children’s behavior, study finds

Science claims that spanking can have negative long-term effects. A recentlyly published study found that spanking can actually worsen children’s behavior and hurt them physically. Summary In this study, the researchers looked at a group of 69 previous studies from various countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Colombia, Greece, Japan, Switzerland, … Read more