Bold and beautiful: Sheila chases Li to a fiery death

Sheila smokes at Li’s house: “So much so that Finn needs his medication.” She stomps on Li’s cellphone and warns her that she’s made a big mistake.

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In Brooke’s bedroom, she’s wearing headphones when Ridge shows up and startles her. He’s glad she locked the door. Brooke can’t believe Sheila hasn’t been caught yet. She asks what brings him along. He just thought he would check on her. Brooke beams. Ridge worries, knowing how Sheila feels about her. Brooke thinks she’s probably halfway across the country by now, but thanks him for looking out for her. Ridge grins, “Always.” They wonder where Sheila is and who she will turn to next.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn admires Wyatt’s photos from when he and Flo were on their work trip. He’s surprised he came back yesterday and didn’t hear from her. She claims she is working on boundaries, but he doesn’t believe it. “What’s really going on, Mom?” Quinn confesses, “It’s Carter. I’m worried about Carter.” Wyatt is concerned that “worried” is a euphemism, but she assures him that she has been loyal to Eric. Quinn declares that she and Carter are still friends and that he is about to make a mistake that will change his life forever. Wyatt is nervous because she has all these opinions about what Carter is doing and wonders why she is not focused on her own love life when she and Eric are having problems. Quinn states that she does. Best wishes to Carter and marrying someone you don’t love she wouldn’t wish on anyone Wyatt realizes she won’t think Carter is not in love with Paris… know the. “Carter’s still in love with you, isn’t he?” Quinn swears nothing is wrong. Wyatt claims that they are hiding their real feelings for each other. Quinn protests. Her dedication is to Eric. Wyatt marvels: “So Carter just goes looking for a similar commitment?” Quinn raises her hands. “Now you understand why I’m so worried!” She can’t let Carter throw his life away… because of her.

In the design office, Carter asks Paris if he wants to be his wife. “Let’s do this.” He wants to move on with their lives. Paris’ mind is blown. This is the last thing she expected. She reminds Carter that he told her to marry someone else. Carter shouldn’t have, begging, “I need you more than I can express.” Paris decides, “Let’s do it”, and throws herself into his arms. Paris beeps that they are engaged and reminds him that they forgot to put on the ring. Carter put the ring on her finger and she plants him a big, excited kiss. Enthused by its amazing taste, she exclaims, “Oh my god, I have a fiancé!” Carter is happy that she likes the ring and flashes it to put it on Quinn’s finger. It was meant for the woman he would marry. Carter decides they shouldn’t wait and get married right away. Paris is stunned.
Carter Paris office B&B

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At Li’s house, she stammers and tries to pretend not to call the police. Sheila rages: ‘You had to lie to me! Make your call.” She kicks the scraps of the phone across the floor and says, “And now you’re going to pay for it.” Li warns her that Finn won’t survive without her. She begs Sheila to put Finn first. Li insists that they can work together to bring back their son. Sheila shakes her head. “You’re lying. You don’t want me here.” She wanted to believe Li, she wanted to believe that she thought Finn needed both of his mothers. Li chuckles, “The woman who shot him… almost killed him?!” Sheila jumps out and grabs Li by the throat against the wall. Li chokes: “Let… go…” Sheila screams that she loves her son more than she will ever know. Li punches her and knocks her to the ground as she replies, “Not like his real mother does!” They struggle on the floor and Li steps out the door. Sheila yells, “You can’t get away from me!”
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Li gets into her car amid the pouring rain and Sheila follows her outside. Li wanders, “No, no, no, no, no”, and drives off. That’s when Mike appears. He got Sheila’s message. She takes his keys and says, “I need your car!” Mike yawns as she takes off in pursuit of Li.
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At Forrester Creations, Carter paces through the design office and tells himself that Paris will be a good wife when Quinn walks in. ‘You did it? Did you propose?” She begs, “Why?” Carter says it’s the way it should be. He can’t have her, and he can’t have Paris threatening her marriage. “So that stops now.” He plans to be devoted to his wife. Carter wants to settle down and start a family. He will do everything he can to leave her behind. “I can’t live like this anymore. I love you too much.”

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At Brooke, Ridge asks her to call him if anything happens and he swears he will do everything he can to protect her. They join hands when he goes.

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In the pouring rain, Li drives in panic. She realizes that Sheila is behind her and yells, “Godammit, Sheila!” In her vehicle, Sheila swears that Li won’t get away from her and mutters that she just had to share Finn. “I will never be separated from my son again.” In her truck, Li yells, “Go away, you fool!” There is a collision and the vehicle catches fire before falling over a barrier into a body of water. Sheila gets out of her car, looks at the burning, sinking truck, and grins contentedly.
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