Lisa Wilkinson: Ex-Channel 10 weatherman Tim Bailey in dirty diatribe over Logie’s speech

Tim Bailey has given TV host Lisa Wilkinson the classic one-two punch, this time with a dirty diatribe over her infamous Logies speech.

The former Channel 10 weather forecaster took to social media again, tweeting how he really felt about The Project’s host.

“Accept your F-ing small trophy and go!” he tweeted.

He then blasts, “Good advice, yes?”

It was the second time Bailey lashed out at his former colleague within 24 hours.

Bailey, who left the station in 2020, previously posted a scathing tweet telling Wilkinson, “Pull ya head in.”

He continued: “I know this can be difficult because it’s a really big head. But please try.”

Wilkinson arranged for the trial of Bruce Lehrmann, the man accused of raping Brittany Higgins, to be postponed after she exceeded the limit in her speech as she accepted the Logie on Sunday for her interview with the former Liberal staffer in January. 2021.

Supreme Court ACT Judge Lucy McCallum said Wilkinson’s speech “completely erased the line between impeachment and guilt for the alleged assault at Parliament House in Canberra on March 22, 2019”.

Camera iconTim Bailey taunted ex-colleague Lisa Wilkinson. Credit: delivered

On Thursday morning, defense attorney Steve Whybrow insisted the trial begin in early 2023, telling the ACT Supreme Court that the fallout from Wilkinson’s Logies speech through 2022 would still affect a jury.

But Chief Justice Lucy McCallum said a three-month stay in the case would allow any concerns to be allayed.

“A three-month period is an important period when prejudice issues fade in the minds of potential jurors,” she said.

Justice McCallum set the trial, which should have started on June 27, on October 4.

It comes as Wilkinson offered not to comment further on Ms. Higgins or Mr. Lehrmann, in order to avoid a ban. The TV star also reportedly hired top lawyer Matthew Collins during the fallout of her speech at Logies.

The chairman of the Australian Bar Association had criticized Wilkinson on Channel 7 on Wednesday, saying she could be charged with contempt of court.

Tim Bailey's tweet about Lisa Wilkinson.
Camera iconTim Bailey’s tweet about Lisa Wilkinson. Credit: Twitter

Ironically, in August 2021, Wilkinson had begged himself to “respect everyone who plays here”.

“Naming the man on social media and making a judgment could have serious consequences for the outcome of any trial,” she tweeted.

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