Ice Cream From Hell: Canadian Brands Ketchup Popsicles Disgust Internet

Summers are all about enjoying everything chilled or tasty. Be it an ice cream or a sorbet, slush or popsicle – we all love to enjoy these treats to keep us cool and refreshed in the hot summer months. Popsicles come in countless flavors and shapes today, and new ones are being invented by the minute. However, one such recent Popsicle experiment has left a bad aftertaste among Internet users. A Canadian brand announced the release of a new ketchup popsicle that has made the internet absolutely disgusting. Look:

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French’s, a popular condiment brand in Canada, is best known for its mustard sauce. On Monday, June 20, they introduced the new ketchup popsicles on Twitter. “Hello Canadian friends, your favorite condiment just got a whole lot cooler. A refreshingly savory & sweet ketchup popsicle, made from 100% Canadian tomatoes,” the brand wrote on Twitter. † They also shared a recipe for the ‘Frenchsicle’ on their website, made with tomato juice, ketchup and cayenne pepper sauce.

According to their website, the popsicles will be available in limited numbers throughout Canada for a limited time during the summer season only. The brand also stated that the flavor of ketchup was quite popular across the country, according to a survey they conducted. 79% of Canadians stated that they like or love ketchup, according to the French. The survey also found that if Canadians had to choose to try a dessert made with ketchup, such as cake, cookies or popsicles, 79% would choose none of the above options.

Twitter users reacted to the bizarre ketchup ice creams. Many wanted to know why the brand created such a weird combination in the first place. “Unbelievable things are happening in Canada,” said one user while another wrote, “An ice cream truck sacrifice in my personal hell.” Another user joked, “Finally I can throw tomatoes at bad performers and do some damage!”

Watch the reactions to the video:

Would you like to try these bizarre ketchup ice creams? Or do you prefer the traditional flavors? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments section.

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