The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers June 27 – July 1, 2022

RSVP “yes” to’s latest spoilers for The bald and the handsome from Monday 27 June to Monday 4 July. Among the teasers are tantalizing hints of what happens after Quinn catches Eric in bed with Donna, whether any “I do’s” go down at Carter and Paris’ wedding, and how Steffy and Finn reconnect despite being continents. are separated from each other. Learn about these plot twists and more below…

Fat and beautiful spoilers for Friday 24 June:

From Class they do! Paris and Carter move their wedding date amid reluctance from their loved ones. Because forging ahead at full speed is the logical thing to do when everyone’s urging you to slow down your role. Maybe it’s time to bring back [Spoiler]†

With breathtakingly bad timing (he’s about to marry Paris!), Carter makes a stunning confession of his genuine love for Quinn to Ridge. What will the seamstress have to say, since the woman who holds his friend’s heart in her hands…is his stepmother?!

Fat and beautiful Spoilers for the week of June 27:

Fat and beautiful spoilers for Monday 27 June:

“Honey, I’m coming home!” Eric promises a bright future to a very happy Donna. The stupid thing is, when will he get around to letting Quinn into his life-changing plans?

Aaawkward! Quinn and Bridget discover a shocking truth about Eric’s pickleball practice. We suspect they’ll be even more shocked than Hope when they find out that the Forrester patriarch hasn’t been on the job, but has instead given his ticker a different kind of workout while he’s in bed with a chubby Logan – who just happens to be so is his ex-wife!

Fat and beautiful spoilers for Tuesday 28 June:

When Donna was excited about the good news Eric had recently given her, she might have paused to think about the possible consequences… which are about to knock as the bed rocks. Hide the breakable honey jars, because all hell is bound to break loose when Quinn and Bridget arrest Eric and Donna in bed!

As Carter and Paris’s wedding begins, Quinn struggles with the loss of her two true loves. Will it occur to the heartbroken (and probably furious) brunette to go to the big event to try and stop Carter from marrying his second choice? Of course we hope so!

Fat and beautiful Spoilers for Wednesday, June 29:

Surrounded by loved ones, Paris Buckingham and Carter Walton’s wedding begins. But does it go “with” a hitch?! Heaven knows Quinn’s gears are about to spin now that she’s just discovered her “faithful” husband in bed with his ex-wife! Will she make a straight line to the big event?

Yes, she will! However, Quinn’s journey to reach Carter before it’s too late takes a comic turn. Will she be able to make it to the church (or the Forrester living room) in time and prevent her former lover from tying the knot with his almost-mrs?!

Fat and beautiful spoilers for Thursday 30 June:

A delighted Donna shares her good news about Eric with Brooke. There’s no doubt that her sister will be absolutely thrilled, given how she feels about Quinn – although she may be disappointed that she wasn’t there to see the look on her nemesis’ face when she caught the old Honey Bear in the act!

There’s nothing better than a wedding crasher on a soap opera! What will happen after Quinn’s surprising confession stuns Carter and upsets Paris and Grace?! Will the usually sincere COO follow through on the promise he made to his fiancée or gift Mama Buckingham an “I told you so” moment that confirms the deep worry she’s been through? terribly all the while expressing vocally?

Fat and beautiful spoilers for Friday July 1:

Partners in crime again! Mike can’t resist Sheila’s request to help Finn as they reflect on some of their best moments together. What a chilling journey through time that is surely!

Okay, we can’t guard to see what happens when Paris, Carter and Quinn reach an unexpected end to an emotional day. “Unexpected” can mean many things. It was expected that Carter would marry Paris, won’t he? Will he declare that he wants Quinn, or will Paris drag along a runaway bride after realizing she’s not the woman in the room her groom really loves?! Hell, maybe Grace will drag Zende down the aisle and forcefully arm her daughter to get married it instead of!

Fat and beautiful Spoilers for the week of July 4:

Fat and beautiful spoilers for Monday, July 4:

Abroad, Steffy gets sentimental as she recalls the fond memories with Finn, and we can’t help but wonder if she’ll pull out our “Sinn’s” love story photo album to look back on their whole romantic trip.

So deep! Finn and Steffy share a cosmic connection as Sheila fights to save her son’s life. Will the grieving widow begin to feel that her husband isn’t really gone?! Maybe she’ll realize he still has a heartbeat when she notices him in our photo gallery of characters who cheated death.

To do. Not. To miss. Bold & Beautiful’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s best photoshoots of all time in one stunning mega gallery!

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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