The Internet Demands Justice For The Forgotten And Brilliant ‘BIONICLE’ Movies

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Long before we had the excellent? LEGO Movie duology, fans of plastic construction toys were blessed with the Godfather trilogy of toy-based movies: the three animated BIONICLE movies.

Some say Toy Story was the pinnacle of 3D animated movies, but deep in everyone’s heart is undoubtedly the kino king of the genre. BIONICLE: Mask of Light. The much-loved “constraction” theme saw ridiculously in-depth knowledge and a world fans continue to enjoy, but to this day it seemed like no one remembered the movies.

Suddenly, a simple tweet has set the internet on fire with nostalgia, with one user jokingly comparing it to William Shakespeare, thanks to the aptly named Terry Shakespeare and David Molina.

In reality, LEGO could make William Shakespeare’s works, but William Shakespeare couldn’t BIONICLE.

The original soundtrack for the film was created by Nathan Furst, who did not release the soundtrack until 14 years after its release. And for no reason it absolutely hits. Seriously, it’s ridiculously good.

If you were a kid of the 2000s, it’s very likely that you saw this movie at your local Blockbuster or Civic Video and rented it at least once. Personally, I own the film and am waiting for the director’s cut. #RestoreTheTerryShakespeareAndDavidMolinaCut needs to be trending so studios are aware of our demand.

It’s time for the world to be remembered and thanked BIONICLE for his services to the 3D animation industry. On the most serious note possible, without this movie probably wouldn’t have happened The LEGO movie or the same interest in BIONICLE as theme. The film did have sequels, with follow-ups in 2004 and 2005 by the same directorial duo.

BIONICLE like a toy line has “terminated” a few times, with the first time in 2010, before a failed reboot in 2016.

You may also remember the name Greg Farshtey for his work on the BIONICLE storylines, including the many books he wrote that became classics at many public school book fairs. Farshtey left the LEGO Group in March 2022 after 22 years with the company, leaving little trace of the theme at the company.

The film does not have an official streaming home, but the BIONICLE movie archive on YouTube has the movie in its entirety.

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